About watercircle.be

About watercircle.be

The Flemish Water Technology Network (TNAV) was established on January 1st 2003 with the support of IWT (now the Innovation & Enterpreneurschip Agency VLAIO). It welcoms all companies that deal directly and indirectly (for example as a supplier or engineering company) with water technology. In 2018, the name of TNAV was changed to watercircle.be.

It aims to strengthen the competitiveness of its member companies through innovation and also encourages members to innovate. It also guides grant applications from individual companies for innovation. Watercircle.be itself is actively involved with its members in various research projects and strives to collaborate with other organizations wherever possible. Furthermore, it acts as a technology guard for emerging technologies and new applications of existing technologies.

Of special interest are also the extraordinary members: these are mainly research centres (universities, colleges, VITO). It is only with their help that the Flow of Technology – the watercircle.be baseline – becomes a reality. This culminates in the Academia Meets Industry event every year.

Today watercircle.be has more than 90 members, of which more than 70 companies and more than 20 knowledge centres.

Our most recent folder can be found here.

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