Kenniscentra: BIOCO

BioCo Research Group









Universiteit Gent

Coupure Links 653, Blok A

9000 Gent 

prof. Eveline Volcke 

+32 (0)9 264  61 29

Biologische afvalwaterzuiveringsprocessen

Research in the UGent BioCo group, founded and led by prof. Eveline Volcke, deals with ‘Biosystems control … towards a sustainable future’. Sustainability is interpreted as meeting the required product or effluent quality with reduced use of energy, resources or added chemicals, aiming for reuse, reduced emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, more compact installations in a reliable, safe, economically beneficial and socially acceptable way. The focus lies on process engineering, i.e., the actual design and control of processes and reactors, which are studied through a combination of modelling and experimental techniques. The applied models are physical-based models, based on the conservation of mass, energy… Simulation studies are complemented by monitoring campaigns and full-scale experiments, besides lab-scale experiments, to gain insight in the system behaviour and for subsequent validation of control strategies.

The application domain of the research in the BioCo research unit concerns environmental technology in the first place, even though the applied methodologies are general. The prime focus is on bioconversion processes. Ongoing research projects in the BioCo group comprise innovative biological nitrogen removal processes from wastewater, granular sludge reactors for compact wastewater treatment, greenhouse gas emission reduction from wastewater treatment processes, sulfur conversions in wastewater treatment, experimental design and data reconciliation to get the most out of the data gathered in the water industry,…

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